About newbabynewyou

Newbabynewyou was established and is run by Claire Boud, a highly experienced and qualified postnatal group facilitator with over 11 years experience of providing support and services to new mothers.

I have a BA(Hons) in Women’s Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. My degree looked at the role of women in society, including the image and portrayal of motherhood, so was very relevant to my current work. My PGCE has helped me to plan, structure and lead interesting and informative courses.

With 3 children of my own I have experienced the excitement, demands, challenges and rewards of being a new parent. In 1996 when my first child was born, we had just relocated, so not only were we contending with a new baby, but we had a very small support network.

I joined the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) on the recommendation of my Health Visitor, and it proved to be the most tremendous lifeline over the next few years as I had my second and third child. I have made many friends and developed an extensive support network. I learned a lot about myself and my parenting style, from sharing experiences, ideas and feelings with these friends.

As my children grew older, I wanted both a new challenge in my life and to give something back to the charity that had given me confidence in my parenting skills. So in 2002 I began my Post Natal Leader training with the NCT. Since qualifying in early 2004 I have led ‘Early Days’ discussion courses for the NCT, which are proving to be extremely successful. and well attended.

The ‘Early days’ course provides me with an ongoing opportunity to meet and get to know numerous new mothers. Many of these women have expressed that they feel increasingly rushed by today’s lifestyle and are searching for the time and space to relax and connect with their new babies. They desire to regain their fitness levels as soon as possible after the birth of their babies, however they do not wish to return to their pre-pregnancy fitness regimes.

In response to these needs I explored the concept of Postnatal Yoga, discovering the Berkshire Birth company (BBC) who run very successful BBcise Postnatal Yoga classes and who also run training programmes for new teachers. I attended their intensive training programme and now run BBcise Postnatal Yoga classes in this area. The BBcise classes combine breathing and relaxation with strength and flexibility exercises all performed within reach, if not with your babies. 

Through my continuous professional development with the NCT, BBC and other organisations I can ensure that my postnatal knowledge and leadership skills remain up-to-date and relevant. This in turn enables me to ensure you are attending good quality courses.