Welcome to the newbabynewyou company website

Services and Courses Offered:

newbabynewyou was established to provide good quality services to postnatal women living in the Surrey and Hampshire border area.

Our aim is to enable you, as a new mother, to feel that you have been listened to and cared for; by providing relaxed, friendly and supportive atmospheres in all the courses and workshops we run.

We offer you the opportunity; to meet other new mothers in your locality, the chance to think about yourself and your own needs for a small amount of time each week, and to gain confidence in your own skills and abilities, therefore enabling you to have a positive experience of being a new parent.

Some services and courses provided by newbabynewyou are run with the Berkshire Birth company using their BBcise programme, whilst others are run in conjunction with the charity, The National Childbirth Trust (NCT).