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BBcise Postnatal Yoga is a unique and fun exercise programme designed for mother and baby.

BBcise classes provide a wonderful opportunity for you as a new mother to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby. Each class comprises gentle yoga-based exercises for both you and your baby to do together.

Mums will have the opportunity to do exercises and stretches to:

Babies will have the opportunity to experience some yoga and massage especially for them to:

Overall the class allows time for the mother and baby bond to develop, enhancing your understanding of your baby and hence increasing your confidence in being a parent.

Music features highly throughout the class, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, so drag out the loose clothing, re-learn those nursery rhymes and come and join us.

BBcise classes are suitable for you and your baby to attend from six weeks after birth. You need to have had your six-eight week check from your GP, and been given permission to restart exercising before attending classes.

Many mothers sign up for an initial block of six weeks, however then come back again and again.

Links to www.berkshirebirth.co.uk and www.bbcise.co.uk.